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Paper Making





Small Tissue Roll Winding

The roll is modelled as an Archimedean Spiral and the equations solved numerically to create unity tables for electronic drives. Alternatively, the tables are converted to N-C code for milling steel cams. The ananlysis is applicable to center as well as surface winders.

WEBCON has designed complete winding lines for tissue and medical products; patents cited.

Web Folding

Mathematical algorithms are used to design folding plows to minimize web tension and wrinkles. Improvements in CD folding drums and cutters are handled on individual basis.

WEBCON has designed complete folder lines for specialty products; patents cited.

Tissue Finishing Processes

These are value adding processes incorporated in a converting line to enhance the attributes of paper. They include calendering, embossing, laminating and ply-bonding. WEBCON provides support as the design  of equipment, such as the process rolls, roll stands, etc.

Tissue Converting Process Support

Existing Converting Line is technically analyzed to identify the limiting items (layout, machinery, operator interfacing, logistics, etc.) to recommend and follow-up an upgrade program.

Future Converting Line is defined to match the need (paper, finished product, throughput, environment) with the available technology (machinery, layout options, interfaces) leading to the job request with justifications.

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