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Finishing processses like embossing, calendering, laminating, ply-bonding, etc. are termed as value adding processes because they provide an increase in value of the tissue with little additional cost.

All the above mentioned processes involve at least a pair of mating rolls which may be equipped with

Loading mechanism on the movable roll to create the desired line load in the nip,
Precision mechanical stops at the supports to set the gap, or penetration, between the rolls,
Means for skewing the rolls by making the bearing support of one of the rolls adjustable,
Means for registration, axial and circumferential, of the pattern for matched embossing rolls,
Positive gearing between the rolls in case of steel-to-steel embossing rolls,
Quick nip opening arrangement in case of wrap-ups and for safety.

Webcon has successfully designed a number of installations to meet specific requirements. We work closely with the machine shops and provide start-up support, and training.


We have expertise in the design of all types of mating rolls to be used for finishing operations:

CONVENTIONAL ROLLS with outboard bearings. These rolls are typically crowned. Based on the uniform nip loading required, we will compute the required crown, and degree of cosine curve. See Crowned Rolls.
SKEWED ROLLS with offset bearings. These rolls are usually flat ground (no crown), and can be used for a wide range of nip loads. We provide the table for nip load against offset at the bearings (computer program "ROLSKEW").

ZERO-CROWN ROLLS with internal bearings. The computer program "ZEROCR" precisely calculates the position of the internal bearings so that the roll surface bending is negligible; hence, they do not require any crown. These rolls can also be used for a wide range of nip loads.

DIAGONAL PLY-BONDING ROLLS. Our proprietary design creates knurled bands which are at a small angle to the MD. The bands do not overlay on each other like conventional ply-bonding, so that the finished roll will not have the two visible hard rings.

RUBBER COVER specified as appropriate: cover material, thickness and hardness..


We work closely with Embossing Technologies who provide technical expertise in all aspects of embossing for manufacturers of bath tissue, paper towel, paper napkin, and facial tissue.
  • Pattern design and evaluation for new products and improving existing products.
  • Rapid protoyping for visual screening and performance testing.
  • Specifications for the roll, and the embossing process.
  • Work with engravers and resolve any technical engraving issues.
  • Provide start-up support and process optimization.


It is desirable that the paper have a higher degree of softness after undergoing any of the above finishing processes. For premium tissues and towels, there may be a need to measure softness (a.k.a. handfeel). This service is available from Certified Softness.

Perform softness test and compare the results with standardised samples.
Provide training in softness measurement at various levels: quality control, product development, process development, market research, etc.

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