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Reeling of Parent Rolls

Optimize secondary arm mechanics to wind a uniform roll with minimum bulk loss. Also reduce reel breaks and improve yield in converting.

Rewinding on a 2-Drum Rewinder

Compute the roll un-weighting curve for a 2-Drum Rewinder to rewind tissue parent rolls to produce rewound rolls with a uniform bulk, and with minimal loss of bulk.

Rounded Lips for Suction Slots

Contoured profiles of the suction lips, such as Uhle box, dewatering and pick-up slots reduce the contact psi against the felt, thus reducing felt and lip wear.

Negative Crowning of Felt Roll

A felt roll crowned negatively straightens the bow and eliminates torsional stresses in the felt, which results in uniformity of suction and drainage, reduces felt wear across the deckle.

Crowning of Mating Rolls

Develop crown curve for rolls in contact to produce a uniform line load. Special cases considered are: multiple roll stack, skewed rolls, rubber covered rolls and zero-crown rolls

Yankee Crown and Crown Sharing

Modify Yankee Crown to improve CD profile of the tissue, using the current state (product CD variability, felt wear, moisture profile, etc.).

In order to reduce wear of felt and pressure roll covering due to speed differential as a result of crowning, the computed crown is apportioned between the Yankee and the mating press roll, or rolls. 

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