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Existing Converting Operation

We study existing converting lines to identify limitations and suggest economical solutions to bring them upto their original, or even greater, potential.

1. Study the Productivity Factors to assess limiting elements:

Speed: at which the machine hums.
Uptime: % run time as a fraction of total available production time
Quality & Waste: Factors affecting the value of the finished product.
Operator Friendliness: Easy of adjustment, safety, documentation, training.

2.  Technical Assessment
Speed Limit of the equipment, as is and when new.
Function Deficiencies relating to product quality.
Mechanical Deficiencies causing frequent breakdowns.
Quality of Paper and Supplies.

3. Recommendations
Machinery Overhaul, Upgrades, advanced controls and actuators, etc.
Set-Points and tuning procedure.
Specifications of  supplies, and suggestions for paper quality improvement.
Training needs and documentation etc.

New Converting Lines

We are knowledgeable of the latest technology and select the best matching equipment for the requirements and constraints. We support line design and start-up of new installations to meet the product specifications and production requirements.

1. Project Definition
Specifications of the base sheet and finished product.
Packaging styles and materials.
Production needs and rates.
Labor rates and local work conditions.

2. Line Design
Survey of state-of-the-art equipment.
Matching need with available technology.
Conduct trials at the machinery supplier.
Line layout with conveyors and ancillary equipment.

3. Support
Support for job request, purchasing and acceptance.
Equipment installation and start-up.
Training and shortening learning curve.
Documentation and Spare part list.
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